Oppo and Nendo Studios design a 5-display "Slide phone" concept!

nendo slide phone

Oppo is known for its bold designs and crazy ideas for smartphones. They brought along the rotating cameras with their N-series back in 2013, the rising camera visor on the Find X in 2019, the Rolling motorized display phone in 2020 to name a few.

nendo slide phone

They have now partnered up with Nendo; a well-known architectural design studio to create a bizarre phone concept with 5 screens and 4 folding hinges!
oppo x nendo
If you thought the galaxy Z2 Fold was a delicate thingy, well this one-ups that in pretty much every way. there are four places where this would structurally fail. But it's not made yet, just a concept at this point. So let's look at it from the same perspective.

The Phone is simply called the "Slide" phone, because it has so manuy folds, you have to slide the screens on top of one another to open it. 
oppo x nendo


"The phone in its folded state is 54 mm by 86 mm, the size of a credit card, featuring three hinges folding over in the same direction. Like an inchworm, the phone makes use of its multiple joints to in effect slide sideways, and can be transformed only by the user’s one thumb operation." - Nendo Studio

The Bottom display is the largest one which you'd be using to access the camera and notifications.

Slide them all the way open and you have an ultrawide screen for gaming, content consumption and of course, multi-tasking for days!
nendo slide phone

Interestingly, this concept phone has an array of physical buttons on the sides that change their function based in the oriendtation these displays are in.
nendo oppo slide phone
This beats having to use a finicky pressure-sensitive area on the sides for media controls, any day.

The charging solution to this folding sliding device seems to be a unique dock that doubles up as a night clock, if that's your thing. 
nendo slide phone

I suppose this is a stylish way of designing an otherwise bulky brick to charge up all those individual batteries that are likely distributed across each of these tiny display segments.
nendo slide phone

This is quite an ambitious project indeed. We don't exactly know any technical details and hardware specs yet, but if anyone is crazy enough to pull a concept like this into reality, it's gotta be Oppo!

Let me know what you think of this incredible slide phone from Oppo x Nendo. I'm far more active on My YouTube Page and on Instagram DM if you have any questions.

Take it easy, and I'll see you next time.



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