Best Budget Wired Earphones under 2000 Rs India (2021 Edition)

Wired earphones always have that reliable nature to them that comes from years of familiar experience we all have with them. No batteries, no weird audio latency; just plug and play (dongles may be involved these days though).

While wireless earphones are good for outdoor listening without dealing with cables, nothing quite beats a nice pair of wired earphones for gaming, phone calls, or even casual music.

So here are some great wired earphones under 2000 India Rupees in 2021.

#1. BLON BL03 (2,099 INR)

 These are some well-known IEMs from BLON, an audio company that started back in 2014. These are some of the best balanced earphones you'll find around this budget.

The audio output is crisp with plenty of treble and mids and a comfortable amount of bass.

You'll love these if you're a budding audiophile who doesn't like overwhelming bass.

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#2. Plextone G20 (1,399 INR)

A hi-fi gaming company from China made some earphones for audio enthusiasts. The G20, in my opinion, is the best option among their G-series earphones.

These are a little sharper in treble without much emphasis on vocals. These would be great for people who usually listen to electronic music such as EDM. The microphone on these is one of the best I've used, as they've been designed for gaming.

This is ideal for the gamers among you who want a high-quality earphone that also sounds good.

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#3. Realme buds 2 (599 INR)

These are a good option for those with simpler music tastes. They are saturated, with plenty of bass and good mids. These will sound great for most people who love some thump in their songs, but audiophiles might be turned off due to a little lack of detail in the treble.

Even so, these are a good option for those who want earphones that sound warm and comfortable.

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#4. KZ EDX (999 INR)

 These are the most affordable IEMs I've seen from any brand, period. They may not sound as good as most other options at higher prices, but they're a fantastic entry-level option for those who don't want to spring for the BL03 straight away.

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#5. Mi Dual Driver earphones (799 INR)

These are an in-between option for casual music lovers and IEM-fans. The dual dynamic drivers here give you a wider sound stage but with plenty of bass and vocal saturation.

The durability might be a little concerning with these earphones. They're not the best built, even for that price. But they should be fine as long as you use them as intended, mostly indoors and with some care.

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Let me know on Twitter if you have any thoughts or suggestions. See you next time; Cheers!


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