Rolling Screen Smartphones from Oppo and TCL | Display Technology of the Future!

TCL scroll display

We've seen folding phones already from Samsung and Huawei. The former of which has already launched its product into the mainstream consumer market, though it's strictly placed in the ultra-premium segment at the moment.

But if you thought that folding a screen inwards or outwards is the only real way to pack a bigger display into a smaller screen, you'd be wrong. There are working phone models from the likes of Oppo and now, TCL, that has a Rolling display tech built into their devices! 
TCL scroll display

You've probably already heard or seen the former from Oppo. It's called the Oppo X 2021
Unveiled in late 2020, the phone has a seemingly normal 6.7-inch OLED display which rolls open into a 7.4-inch tablet form factor at the touch of a capacitive side button. Watch this video for more details:

The phone has motorized pulleys on the underside of the left corners that slowly pushes the display outwards, or retract it in while rolling it like you would a sheet of paper. It's truly remarkable to see it work so smoothly in real-time.
TCL scroll display

In a very similar manner, TCL recently in CES 2021 has unveiled two such displays that roll over themselves to change the entire physical form factor of the device. 
They call these technologies the Scroll Display for the smartphone version and a more ambitious Printed Rolling Display for the 17-inch Tablet design.
TCL scroll display

While both devices were demonstrated being operated by mechanized arms of precisely tuned motion, hands-on demo units were not available unlike the Oppo's X 2021 Phone. Check out the video for more details:

These seemingly impressive technologies aren't ready all the way yet. As you saw from the video, they were shoecased while being operated by repcisely tuned motors and not human hands. 
So, that puts Oppo in the lead with their hands on device which worked surprisingly similar to a finished product at their INNODAY event.
TCL scroll display

But in any case, they would likely push other display giants like Samsung, LG, Sharp, etc to make similar displays on their  devices. The market will be normalised around these, which obviously means they'll progressively get more affordable.
Consumer tech like this never ceases to amaze me, it's why I do what I do here. You can join me over at my YouTube Page where I post content more frequently.

If you hjave any thoughts on these rollable displays, leave them in the comments below.
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