Top 5 best budget earphones

Here is a list that I moved here from my site. These are my top 5 pics of earphones under 800 INR.

#1.Evidson sound supreme X55

best earphones

Evidson is a lesser known brand, but they plan to change that with the soundsupreme X55. These are really well built and well under a decent budget of 518 INR.

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#2. Philips SHQ-1200

best earphones under 800rs

Philips have been well known for their stylish and budget friendly products for quite a while now. They've done it yet again with their in ear headphones which, though they look odd, are surprisingly comfortable and well made.
​They cost around 450 INR.

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#3. Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ

best earphones under 800 rs

These guys are among the top players of the headphone department. Skullcandy makes some pretty dope headphones and their in-ear styles are no exception. But this entry here is not priced over our heads. It costs just around 500 INR, and sounds brilliant.
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#4. Panasonic RP-HJE125E-K

best earphones under a budget
Panasonic have made their name on the television realm and now they're reaching out to our ears😉. These pair of in ear headphones are also a good option at 380 INR, if you're under a tight budget
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#5. Sony MDR-EX15LP

best sony earphones

Sony have also been famed for their music capable devices in the past, such as the famous Walkman. Naturally they make some good and also affordable headphones. These, for example, are 618 INR.
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