Plextone G20 Review: The Absolute Best Gaming Earphones In This Price!

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Plextone is not an unheard name when it comes to making bang on budget gaming headphones. I have tried out their G30 and G15 quite a long while ago. Although they both were revolutionary in their own right, they had quite a lot of room for improvement. A bit too much room, given their price tags at the time.

But out came the G20, a brief silence later, to impress and marvel gamers and non-gamers alike! You might’ve guessed from the title that I’m sold on these! So, let’s take a detailed look at it, shall we?

Build and Design:

Right from the box, the G20 looks to leave a mark in your mind with its bold streaks of flashing green and words like “Hammering in the Bass”! It’s presented in a manner that does justice to the actual beast that it is.

Coming from the Plxtone G15, I immediately felt the improvement in build quality as soon as I picked ‘em out of their plastic bed. The magnets on the back of the ear pods, which I love, have managed to be around. 

I also noticed that the audio columns themselves have gotten quite a bit bigger than the ones on the G15, which should be in part of the ‘Bass Hammering’ effect promised on the package.

The wire is a flat cable this time around. A much welcomed change from the lousy, messy round cables of the G15 (My G15 stopped working on one side after using it on and off over the past 7 months, so.. flat cables ftw!).

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The L-shaped (right angle) connector now has a long rubberized padding to its base, which should add to its already impressive durability. 

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Little touches like these often go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Just like with every other Plextone earphones, you get a ton of different sizes and types of ear tips to put on the ear pods. I especially like the redesigned memory foam ones which fit in my ears all the more snugly. Since the fit of the earphones is key to how they sound in your ears, we smoothly arrive at the next (impressive) section;

Sound quality:

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Let me lay it out there right now; I LOVE the way thy sound. I cannot emphasize that enough, which is weird because I don’t get this hyped over a pair of wired earphones, like, ever!

They say these have hammering bass, but thankfully, that’s not the case. That’s a good thing, because they are perfect the way thy sound right now. Any more tweaking to their existing column would make them rather unappealing to me.

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Not Daydreaming at all!
They sound exceptional with ample amount of bass and relatively low treble, which is the way I like them. From music, to gaming, to even audio editing (not really recommended to use anything other than IEMs for that, but you know, YOLO). These have quickly become my new go-to wired earphones whenever I find myself digging in my gadget bag for one.

Audio input from the microphone was also satisfactory. Nothing to write home about, but definitely sufficient to call home about. These dad jokes are one of the reasons why I’m still single. Hence the name The Hopeless Geek.

Final verdict:

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Alrighty, here are my final thoughts on this amazing new gaming earphone. If you’re after a high quality earphone with a low noise microphone (Seriously, this thing has an awesome inbuilt filter circuit) under a budget, you found what you were looking for. Come to think of it, this would fit just fine for anyone looking to get a rugged wired earphone for whatever their purpose is.

This combination of durability, in-ear feel, and sound signature have earned them a spot in my everyday carry bag. I’m sure you can say the same after you get some for yourself.

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Check 'em out Here
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  1. Bro tbh the earphone is superb.But using the normal eartips medium size or small or big,It keeps falling out of my hear.Its so annyoing.I think that it's too long and BC of the size and weight,it keeps pulling down.To make it not fall,u have to push it very deep into the ear where u feel like air compression.Wingtips doesn't help only can use the memory foam.But still will drop out even if u didn't move.Any ways to avoid it?

    1. Yeah, you need to use the included collar clip to hold it up, as it is pretty bulky regardless of the eartip size.


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