Top 5 best budget headphones!

Who doesn't like headphones? But while browsing for a decent pair, we end up spending a lot sometimes. To help you avoid the hours of digging through the piles of brands, looking for the best deals, this is my top 5 pics of good quality headphones under $15!! ( about 1000 INR )

#1. Sennheiser HD 180 ( @600 INR)

Well, lookie here! The big boys are available under a budget too! Sennheiser make some of the best stuff for audiophiles in the world, and these headphones are no slouch either. They're an excellent buy for the price and will give you a taste of what Sennheiser is truly capable of!

#2. Sony MDR-ZX 110A ( @593 INR)

 Sony makes some comfortable headphones that I've ever seen. The MDR-ZX are not the greatest out there, but they definitely managed to impress me by what they gave to offer at the price. Seriously, you can't go wrong with these modest pair of comfy and robust  headphones. One thing to keep in mind is that the cables are not meant for tug of war! So take care of them as they seem to get brittle if exposed to some rash weather like Indian monsoons. But nobody would wear headphones while jogging right?!

#3. Philips SHL3000 WT/00 ( @630 INR)

These are a bit more pricey than the others here but they're not bluffing about the price by any means. The SHL is a popular series by Philips and this is just another product that continues that trend of great sounding headphones. There's good amount of bass and decent stereo effects on them. They're a bit bulky, but like I said, headphones are generally meant for indoor listening in front of your desktop or laptops. Especially this one.

#4. JBL T250 SI ( @850 INR)

Maybe you saw this one coming! Jbl cannot be left out when it comes to best audio devices. These pair of headphones are pure bass, and 3D sound enabled. My only little gripe here is that the ear cups aren't the comfiest ones first out there. The ear pads are a tad bit tugged for my liking, but nothing too serious as they're very light and you'll forget you even have them on, over long listening periods. Most people Fong it just the right size. But if you're Mr. Big ears like me, you might be annoyed a bit since it sits on the rim of your ears. But you will definitely get used to it.

#5. Panasonic RP-HBD250 ( @999 INR)

Panasonic is relatively a newbie to the headphone game but they've definitely got the formula for great looking products! This for one, is the best looking headphone among the five. They sound great too with nice depth to the audio and plenty of bass to go along with them. Some would say the price is a bit high but you can't really argue with the look and feel of these headphones.

Bonus mentions:

Philips SHL 1900
Zoook Roker RDX 01

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