Top 5 Expensive and legendary headphones

The world has seen a lot of ridiculous stuff in every field, especially in technology. Some are amazing and some are just unreasonably expensive, and some are both of  these! Here is a list of 5 such things in headphone department which are both limited edition, great sounding and of course, priced through the roof!

1. The Sennheiser orpheus HE90

really expensive headphones

You've probably heard about Sennheiser. If you haven't, click here. 
​They've been the kings of audio department for over 25 years. In the 90s they wanted to make the greatest pair of headphones ever. The result of this advent was the legendary Sennheiser orpheus. Only 300 of these were made and it retails do about 
10,68,400 INR!

2. Happy plugs' Gold earbuds

gold plated earbuds

Happy plugs' are the luxury part of this business. They've released 18k solid gold earbuds for 9,68,300 INR .. which is crazy because they're just in-ear style standard headphones and not amplified ones!

​3. Crystal rocked gold

expensive headphones

Crystal rockedan accessory customization company, has produced the world's first 24k golden headphones. Being called the collctors' edition, there are only 50 of these selling for about 1,13,000 INR!
 what are beats by dre?

​4. Sennheiser orpheus 2015

expensive headphones
Named after the original Orpheus HE90 ,the new Orpheus are a second coming of sorts, bundled with a hand-crafted amplification setup designed to complete a listening experience that surpasses everything that has come before it. The price for this outstanding engineering achievement is about 33,39,000 INR!!😞

#5.V-Moda Crossfade Wireless

Most expensive headphones ever

This is one of those stock-headphones-made-custom beauty! It pretty much is the only one in this range which incorporates ridiculous premium-ness along with wireless convenience. There are cheaper versions of this available on snapdeal, ebay and amazon for 25,000 INR but this one here costs a whopping  26,82,800 INR!
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