A Bluetooth speaker/battery case??!

This is a new thing out there. A battery case with a built in loudspeaker on it. It's from a company called ZAGG and it's made for the iPhone 6/6s. It's a regular snap on charging case with 1800 mAh battery built in to it. But it also has a speaker to connect via bluetooth.

Why would you need this?? Well, you may not always have a spare bluetooth speaker in your pocket, when you want that extra volume boost. Or maybe you have speakers but you need to charge your phone! With this you can do both at a time. And the best part is that the speaker part just snaps on to the frame of the case! 

Once you pair it to your phone, you can snap it off and place it somewhere and listen to your jam! There's a USB type A port on the bottom of the speaker to connect to your laptop or PC and charge up the battery inside it.

The audio output is loud, really really LOUD! I was shocked at the volume levels that you get out of this speaker case. The only downside is that, to charge your phone, you need a microUSB to lightning connector. It connects both case and the phone at the bottom. It's not equipped with a lightning port within the case, to enable that snap on feature.

There you have it! The product that you've been hunting for, to get the most of audio and portability at the same time on your iPhone.

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