A solar powered battery case!?

I came across this dope and also eco friendly way of keeping your device charged. Presenting SUNNY, a solar charging battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s, which have tiny batteries.

This case has a built in small 2000 mAh backup unit, but the back panel opens up into a larger solar panel and it can completely charge your phone's battery in around 2 hrs. Though there have been many attempts before this, Sunny is a solar charging case that actually works!

The phone completely fits inside it and there are quite significant bezels on the top and bottom. The bottom bezels have front firing speaker cutouts that redirect the bottom facing speaker's sound towards you. It even has a kick stand as an added bonus. Moreover, it looks unique and is quite rugged. It can protect your phone against considerable damage but I wouldn't recommend doing drop tests on this charging case, especially when there are solar panels in it.

The geniuses behind it have been working on it for the past year and have been in partnership with Chinese and American solar power research organisations. They have certainly brought along something that will absolutely free you from the wall charging outlet, as long as there's plenty of sunlight to go.

This is a great purchase if you're more of an outdoor person and happen to own an iPhone 6/6s as your primary phone (big mistake!), you can buy Sunny and forget the wall charger at home. Enjoy your day outside and keep the solar panels open in the sun while you're not using your phone, to charge it.

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