A tattoo that controls your smartphone!?

This is probably the closest we'll ever get to magic! MIT Media Labs have come up with a new way of interacting with your phone. Yeah, a tattoo! And it's called DuoSkin.

It's made out of gold foil and a few conductive materials. They say it's durable and affordable. You use it as if it's a 2D touchpad on a laptop. You can interact with your phone's screen without even touching the phone! It supports single swipe gestures to control music and media. Say you're jogging and you have this on you, a simple swipe will change the track. It's similar to a smartwatch, only without the hassle of ever charging it.

It connects to your smartphone via NFC. It has a NFC coil on its thin body which interacts with your phone's NFC antenna. They showcased several models, each with a unique design that suits your style. There were plenty of custom colors to mix and match.

The applications are endless with this kind of mobility. It's only a matter of time before developers jump in and start making mind blowing games based on DuoSkin! It's soon meant to replace traditional buttons and sliders that we see everywhere on the digital realm.

That's the beauty of technology, it never ceases to amuse me nomatter how much I learn about it everyday.

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