Galaxy note 7 S pen: feature focus

The new super awesome galaxy note 7 has a new and redesigned S pen. It has a wider clicky end now, so it won't go in the reverse way and ruin your s pen slot, like on the previous note 5, so that's good news! It also packs several new features that I really think are actually useful and not just Samsung's  'smart' gimmicks. These are the main ones:

#1. Magnify

This feature when active will magnify a segment of the area upon which the S pen is howering, upto 300%. It's quite handy if you want to zoom into a specific segment of a web page or something.

#2. Translate

This still requires some work, but it translates or defines the word above which your S pen is howering. I say it's a work in progress because you can't select several at a time and it takes a while for the meaning to pop up using the air view.

#3. Animation select

You can select a moving portion on your screen and make a short video on a loop, also called a GIF, upto 15 seconds in length. You can instantly share it anywhere you like, which I think is quite creative.

#4. Screen-off pin memo

You can write on the screen if you pull the S pen out while screen os off, and write an off screen memo. It's there since the note 5. But here, you can pin that memo to the always on display so it's there when we you glance your phone. Now it's an effecient sticky note to remember something with your time.

#5. Glance

This is an amazing new way if multitasking which lets you to minimize apps into small square live windows somewhere on the corner of your screen. You can maximise them by pointing the S pen on them, like you use a mouse pointer on the task bar of a Windows PC!

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