Top 5 levitating speakers!

This may not be the first time you've heard about magnetically levitating bluetooth speakers. Basically the speaker unit will float atop a magnetic disk fixed on to the rest of its body. So between the control unit and the speaker unit, these nothing but air! It looks absolutely alien or seems to be something that is back from the future!  Well it's actually bought from a store just like every other pair of speakers and in this post, I'll give you my top 5 levitating bluetooth speakers. It might help with your purchase in case you're interested.

#1. UPPEL SC-25 LED ( @10,200 INR)

This is a dope speaker that's quite affordable compared to the rest I've seen in this category. Although the build quality is just about average, the sound output is actually pretty good on these. They're probably worth taking a look at if you're buying one.


#2. Music Angel JH-FD19 ( @12,000 INR)

This is a gorgeous speaker which is built to last. Audio quality is pretty good with these and of course the customizable lights make it all the more enjoyable to look at, while listening to your jam. An excellent choice for the price.

#3. hellosy Star Wars: Death Star ( @28,000 INR)

Good news for the star wars diehards! This speaker from hellosy® takes the resemblance of death Star from the movie and will rock your world with great clarity audio output via bluetooth. The price seems a bit over the top to me, I'm not into speakers that much. But for those whose life blood is music and star wars, this one takes the sweet spot, in pretty much every way!

#4. MARS by CrazyBaby ( @48,000 INR)

This is the best levitating speaker out there. You're looking at the king right now! This guy is pretty much perfect in every way. It's magnetism is reliable, audio output is great and build quality is excellent! This is for the ones who are big fans of futuristic luxury. It's so elegant to look at, Mars from crazybaby will definitely turn some heads to your desk, even when it's pod is not levitating. I can't personally comment on the price, but speaker heads will definitely justify it for me.
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#5.  Air 2 CSBT-311-BLK ( @28,000 INR)

There have been a few levitating speaker before, which have been a let down in terms of audio quality. Buy this one is a better version over all the previous gen and kind of strikes a balance between design and audio quality. Probably worth glancing this one too!

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