Top 5 smartphones of 2016 (So far..)

best phones of 2016

2016 has been an amazing year for smartphones. We've seen so many offerings from different companies in the Indian market. I've done my best and kept the awesome features in mind while writing this list. These are my top 5 best smartphones released in 2016 till date.

#1. Oneplus 3

best phones of 2016

This has to be the best smartphone get in the market. It outshines it's competition in pretty much every field, including price! It's a $400 smartphone that packs premium flagship specs and doesn't disappoint nomatter what you're doing with it. It has to be the numero Uno in my list. I've done a review of it. If you want to read my full thoughts on it, click here.

#2. Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

best smartphone of 2016

No doubts! While talking about Samsung phones, there's the note 7 coming up, but till what we have now, the S7 is Samsung's most premium offering. It's beautiful design, gorgeous Samsung display and that unparalleled camera performance makes it one of the best smartphones of 2016 easily!

#3. HTC 10

best phone in 2016
Ok, these guys are the most underrated ones in the market. People don't give htc the credit they deserve. They used to make great sounding phones but were very weak in terms of the camera performance. They've stepped up their game with the htc 10 in the camera department. It's not as good as the others on this list, but it's seriously improved over its previous iterations. It's an audio God with It's 24 DAC audio capabilities. And that beautiful chamfered design makes it that much more pleasurable to own.

#4. Zenfone 3 deluxe

best smartphone of 2016
This guy is somewhat lesser known of the 5, but still packs some seriously powerful hardware under the hood. The Zenfone 3 deluxe is a beast of a smartphone and one of the first to cleverly hide away those hideous antenna bands. I've done a review on this guy too, check it out here.

#5. LG G5

best phones of 2016

The modular flagship phone of 2016! You probably know by now that this phone has a removable bottom portion which can be swapped with other accessories so called 'friends'. It's a pretty good phone with great camera and powerful hardware, but not as well made as the others over here. So it takes the last place, but still it's on my top 5, because it definitely is an awesome device and the best of LG yet!

Other bonus mentions:

2016 best smartphones
Moto Z force

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