Turn your android into a laptop!!

Everybody own and love their smartphones. But they're much more powerful than we think. An average smartphone under 5000 INR is more powerful than a geosynchronous satellite floating above atmosphere! But still we are limited by the small form factor and limited resources. What if you could use your Android as a full fledged laptop, like a Windows phone with continuum? Now you can, with Superbook.

Developed by Andromium Inc. Superbook can connect to your device via USB and can use it as the main processor unit. You can do everything that you dreamt of doing with your powerful android, but couldn't do due to the lack of functionality.

The Superbook uses an app developed by Andromium and uses the Android operating system of your phone as it's own ecosystem. Each time you get a new device, it will still work. So everything you buy a new phone, you're kind of getting a new laptop as well!

The Superbook comes with a 11.6' LCD display at an odd resolution of 768p, an 8hr battery life and it weighs about 900 gm. It has a full keyboard and a track pad too with built in Wi-Fi antenna and a Bluetooth chip. Their app is also called Andromium, and it allows your Android phone to work as a completely autonomous OS for the Superbook. 

The minimum system requirements are :
  • OS: Android lollipop 5.0 and above
  • RAM: min 1.5 GB 
  • Processor: At least an armv7 dual core chipset
  • Storage: min 25 mb.

These are pretty common specs for any smartphone on the market now. So no major worries if you're planning on getting one. It was initially a Kickstarter campaign that needed 33 lakhs to mass produce. They ended up making more than 14 crores!! The campaign is still active for a few more days and later it will be available for $99 ( approx. 6500 INR). This is a no brainer if you wanted with does continuum like feature on your Android but didn't want to sell your house to pay for it.

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