World's tiniest smartphone??!

world's smallest phone

We live in an era of monster screen smartphones. Everyone has at least a 4.7 incher ( smartphone) in their pocket these days. But what of you're on EOF those who missed the small Nokia phones from those days ago. Well, some companies haven't forgotten you! A company called Posh have manufactured, what can be called as the world's smallest Android smartphone!! This is a look at the Posh micro X S240.

Design: Tiny. That's the first thing that strikes anybody that looks at it. The phone is ridiculously small, just 8 cm tall! Even your pet cat can carry it around.  It's completely made out if plastic for a lightweight form factor. It weighs just 57 gm but is 1 cm thick to make sure it stays in your palm. You're not gonna be buying this and expect super premium-ness anyway!

Posh micro X S240

Display: Can't scream hi-rez here. The phone has a 2.4' TFT display with 202 ppi. Not very sharp, but surprisingly brighter than I expected. But it's no good outdoors u set the sun though. Still, cant really argue with the super handy form factor. It's basically meant for phone stuff like phone calls, who makes phone calls anymore, right?! Let's hope this will bring back the tradition✌.

Performance: You're not seriously counting the clock speed of this little guy, are you? Fine! It runs on a Mediatek MT6572 dual core 1 GHz processor along with 512 MB RAM and a Mali 400 GPU. It has 4 GB internal memory expandable up to 32 GB via microSD card. Nothing special but it doesn't lag all that much. phone runs on Android KitKat 4.4, and it is smooth for the most part. It gets all your job done like texting or some moderate browsing or a quick phone call. That's what it's originally made for anyway.
posh micro X s240

Camera: The rear camera is a 2 mp sensor and  front one is a 1 mp sensor. All I can say that, you won't win any photography contests with this phone. Yeah, it's pretty much a decent potato camera.

Battery: Tiny phone= tiny battery. The phone has a 650 mAh li-Po battery unit. It's good enough for a solid one and half day if usage on that tiny TFT display which barely sucks any juice at all.

Price: The phone supposedly is available for about $50 ( 3,300 INR) . It's just a phone made for mums and granny's or someone who's exhausted of seeing big bulky smartphones everywhere. If you're looking for a tiny, ultra portable and easily concealable Android device, you've found it!

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