12 GB RAM on a smartphone!?

Turing robotics, bet you've heard about them somewhere. I've mentioned their earlier phone, the Turing phone here in my blog. This is another phone dubbed as the Turing phone Cadenza, a smartphone with mind boggling specs. So let's have a look.

This phone has already been announced and it's the first phone to feature the experimental new Snapdragon 830 CPU. Not one, but TWO chipsets!!.

Other specs are:
  • 5.8 inch QHD (1440p) display
  • 12 GB of RAM  (possibly DDR4)
  • 60 mp rear camera and 20 mp dual front cameras! ( Holy crap!)
  • Swordfish OS( with deep learning: artificial intelligence)
  • 1 TB storage ( two 256 GB internal+ 500 GB expandable)
  • A Hydrogen fuel cell as battery!
  • 4 sim cards and support for WiGig.
By the way, WiGig is a newer and faster wireless standard that allows several gigabits of transactions per second. It stands for Wireless Gigabit alliance. Though it's faster than traditional WiFi, I don't think it will replace it anytime soon!

Looking at this spec sheet, only one thing comes to my mind:"say whaaaaat"
I'm not sure how they'll ever be able to put it together as a phone and how will they prevent it from being priced like a nuclear missile??! But imagine if it ever comes out! R.I.P, all premium flagships released till date.

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