A headphone-speaker hybrid!!

Have you ever felt the need to share the awesome song you're nodding to, and wished for an immediate and loud source? This product here pretty much solves that problem and fuses a bluettoth speaker along with headphones. Introducing the HD Twist!

These are a pair of good looking, well made Bluetooth headphones, with a "twist"! With a flick of a switch, they start to behave as bluetooth speakers and burst out audio from the open back design. What surprised me is the neat finish of this product. Its so well made and the ear cups arent too bulky at all!

They're well suited for travel, as they can be used as headphones in a train or as speakers at a beach party! Flexibility is never a bad thing.

Are they the best sounding Bluetooth speakers/ headphones? Nope. They're not the best of both worlds. But they definitely offer you a good taste of both. The sound coming out of them is decently loud, in speaker mode and they're pretty plain when used as headphones. Their battery life is quite decent, chargable over microUSB. They even have an inbuilt microphone, of you plan on using them with wires. The HD Twist is one of the most attractive headphones and good quality speakers I've seen and heard. Of you ever get a chance to buy them, I suggest you go for it. You may not get the best sounding piece of audio equipment, but you'll have something unique and totally fresh. So yeah, HD Twist gets a thumbs up from my side!!

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