A super dope power bank!

Geeks are well aware of this one, and I confess I'm late to bring you this. But anyway, presenting the Anker PowerCore plus. A fast charging capable power bank.

This is, by far, the best one I've ever seen in the backup power department. It's packing 10,000 mAh of juice in it and is surprisingly handy for It's capacity. It has a solid matte finished metal body which they say, is 'laser cut'. 
It has a microUSB port and a larger USB type A port, as outlets. What's interesting is that it comes with Qualcomm quickcharge 2.0 technology and can charge compatible devices up to 75% faster.

The included fast charging brick is also capable of quickcharge 2.0 and can also full up your devices 4 times over. It can be used to charge this power bank twice as fast. You can fully juice up it's huge battery in 3 hrs where it would usually take 6 to 7 hours with normal chargers.

It has this stylish LED ring on it which tells you the battery percentage left in it. With the Panasonic battery cells inside, protected by 2 reinforcement layers and the outer aluminum shell, this thing is built like a tank. It's ultra portable, it's rugged and most importantly, it's a fast and reliable source for a battery recharge.

This guy has a big brother, a 20000 mAh power bank with the same fast charging capabilities. But it's size isn't as compact as this. 10,000 milliamps is a great capacity and will always have backed up. So 

I strongly recommend it to people who are, fortunately, the proud owners of a fast charging compatible device. Sorry iBoys. But hey, you can charge iPhones too, it's still infinitely better than the included Apple wall charger

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