Apple iPhone 7! First impressions!

It's here now. The shining new iPhone for the next year, the iPhone 7. Just from a glance, is can see that a lot of rumors were pretty accurate about it. So I took a flying look over it, and these are my initial impressions.

There are two models as usual, the 7 and 7 plus. As expected, there headphone jack is no more! You'll have to use the bundled in lightning headphones. Interestingly, Apple provided a lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter in the box! Knowing Apple, I was thinking they might sell it separately for extra charge.

Camera department has changed quite a lot. Resolution wise, both models have 12 mp sensors but the aperture is bumped upto f/1.8 from last year's f/2.2 which is good to see. The 7 plus has 2 of these sensors. It's a dual cam setup with one standard sensor and the other one with a 2X zoomed focal distance. There's a nifty button within the camera app that quickly switches from the regular to the 2X zoomed, second sensor of the rear camera.

Both phones now have OIS, and the front cameras have been upgraded too! The new iPhones now have a 7 mp front camera. This sensor silences my rant about lower clarity selfies from iPhones as compared to premium Androids in the past.

The home button is not clickable anymore. It's a pressure sensitive glass button than a regular pressing button. It detects the pressure you put into it and gives haptic feedback accordingly. It takes some getting used to, if you're coming from a phone with a physical home button, but it's pretty adaptable.

The new iPhones are apparently water resistant now. I don't know how far we can be confident about going for a swim with it, as last year's iPhone 6S/6S plus also had water resistance. They both weren't capable of surviving more than a few seconds in water.

The new iPhone 7 runs on Apple A10. It's quad core CPU this time. Not sure about the RAM yet, but I'm guessing it's still 2 GB. The phone feels very snappy and slightly faster than the 6S. No major improvements though. The base model is 32 GB, finally! There's also a 256 GB variant as we heard of before. There's no 64 GB this time, only 32, 128 and 256 GB options. Apple is really weird in providing storage options. 

Apple also unveiled their Airpods, bluetooth version of stock earphones. They're a bit expensive in my opinion. I'll post more about them in my full review.
Apple Airpods

There is a new color option called jet black, which has a glossy glass back panel. Prone to smudges and scratches. Definitely not worth recommending that one. The regular matte black, on the other hand, looks sexy and clean. VERY clean. I really like it. There's no space grey this time but the matte black looks a lot better in my opinion.
Jet black variant

That's all for my first impressions. I've posted my full review of the 7 and 7 plus at Bolt Tech . Check in reviews🤓✌.

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