Avegant glyph: A portable theater/headset!!

Do you find VR headsets to be too bulky? But you still want a full sized theater like experience, wherever you are?! This one is probably made for you. Presenting the Avegant Glyph, a portable theater/ entertainment hub.

Unveiled at CES, the Avegant Glyph is quite similar to a headphone. But it has two high quality lenses in the mid section. They help you to see pictures with stunning details with minimal eye strain. It takes input via a HDMI port, so it's pretty much compatible with your everyday media devices like laptops. You can even plug on your smartphones and tablets via simple adapters. Almost all smartphones have native HDMI support, so you're pretty much good to go, nomatter what you have with you.

It's lenses eliminate the need for a screen by projecting LED lights through hundreds of tiny mirrors. The audio coming out of the ear cups are also quite rich and immersive. It supports head panning, so you can really immerse yourself into those 360° videos, and not to mention gaming on this thing!!

People behind this have really put their backs into it. Go check these guys out. Click here to visit their website!

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