LG V20 first impressions

LG's flagship G5 wasn't all that big of a hit this year. Though the phone has a lot of great things about it, it failed to achieve the level of appeal as it's South Korean sibling, Samsung. But they've released another phone in their V series, the V20. Holding the title of the first phone to ship with Android Nougat out if the box, the V20 hopes to resurrect LG from It's current insignificant position. And these are my first impressions on the LG V20.

Last year's V10 was a confusing blend of steel and ballistic Nylon in the outer form factor. This year's V20 has a cleaner and a conservative aluminium build all around. There the type C port with speaker grills on the bottom and a headphone jack too. The power and volume buttons are on the back of the phone, classic LG. 
There's a small button at the bottom of the right side frame that releases that back panel! Yeah, this is one of the few remaining phones with a removable battery. The phone is 7.6 mm at thickness and weighs 176 gm with battery.

The display is a 5.7 inch QHD IPS LCD panel. Looks amazing to me. I'll comment more on my full review. There's that awkward secondary always on display strip on the top as well. I feel it's not very convenient on s phone so big. I felt the same way with last year's V10 too. Oh well!

These are the specs:

  • 2.15 GHz Snapdragon 820 kyro quad core SoC
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • Adreno 530 GPU
  • 32/64 GB storage expandable upto 256 GB
  • 16 mp and 8 mp dual cameras on the rear
  • 5 mp sensor on the front
  • Removable 3200 mAh battery

The V series is famous for optics and audio. The device comes with B&O certified audio jack. The microphone has capacity to isolate the required sound even from the noisiest environment.
The camera also comes equipped with the new Qualcomm steady record 2.0 stabilization. I'll touch up on all that and more in my review.

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