Nexus 6P in 2017! Is it worth it?

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You all know this guy. The best stock Android flagship: Nexus 6P. It was the 'Big news' of 2015. Google's new nexuses always gather a lot of attention at launch, but they quickly fade away amidst the fast growing premium devices segment. The 6P was an amazing device in more than one ways, so how does it hold up in 2017? Let's revisit the Nexus 6P and find out.

The Nexus 6P always had the most iconic design of the time. The curved metal back and the flashy camera visor, always stands out, till this day. The visor it's actually kept there to let electromagnetic signals reach the antenna, but I feel it's a perfect fusion of requirement and style. It was so well made, Huawei reused the same design on their new Nova smartphone. Check it out.

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The 6P has a beautiful 5.7 inch 1440p AMOLED display (manufacturerd by samsung). It's crisp and saturated, with deep blacks and excellent brightness. You'll be very happy with the display panel on this phone. No doubts about that.

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Though it's kind of bulky with such a large form factor, it's not the strongest phone out there. The metal body is not sealed to the frame around the digitizer. It's just held there with V-shaped clamps, which means that a significant pressure applied at the middle of the phone(top of the battery), can easily break it in half, like a taco! Please keep that in mind, if you (somehow) place it in your back pocket or tend to use it carelessly.

On the positive note, the phone has front firing speakers! My favorite!! The sound is loud and punchy, with pretty good quality tones being thrown out of it. It isn't as rich and crisp as something like the HTC 10 or the LG V20, but it's definitely loud.

The phone's specs may seem outdated with a Snapdragon 810 and 3 GB of DDR4 RAM, but I assure you it's still buttery smooth and fluid, even after updates and heavily filled storage. That's not to day that it doesn't slow down. There have been a few moments where it would struggle with basic multitasking. Sometimes it would take forever to load a game and closing it would be just as frustrating. Sometimes the launcher would redraw itself when you hit home from an app, though there's plenty of RAM to go for. So yeah, it's not a 100% beast, but I'll definitely say it's a superb performer, 98% of the time. There's 32 GB and 64 GB variants without expandability.
The rear mounted fingerprint sensor was ad still is one of the best. It's fast and reliable on a daily basis.
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The cameras on the 6P are still one of my favourites. The rear sensor is a 12.3 mp sensor with a crazy 1.55 um pixel size邏, and the front is an 8 mp snapper. Though the aperture is just f/2.0, the camera takes amazing photos. The colors and the exposure are handled much better than even the galaxy S7 and LG G5, which have the best camera out there right now. It's not as crisp and sharp as the Samsung's flagship, but the HDR+ on the 6P hits right back! It takes some time to take the picture, and the app isn't as fast as the others to launch. But the end results are stunning, every single time! It doesn't take brightest images of all, but handles low light scenes like a champ, and doesn't produce any yellowish tinge, like the S7 does. Double pressing the power key launches the camera app, which is very simple and straightforward. It's not very responsive, but it works!
The only little downside of the 6P's camera is that, it lacks OIS. Thoigh the 4K clarity is great, the onboard EIS doesn't do very well with stabilising the shakes. So if you record a lot of videos, you will be disappointed with the jittery and shaky footage out of the 6P.

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Let's talk battery life. The Nexus 6p has a 3450 mAh unit. There's no fast charging but it does charge up relatively quickly. You can get a day out if it easily, but it won't last much more than a day and half, as you might expect. The 'doze' features are great and save battery when you're phone is idle. But it has to be kept still on a flat surface. So while you're travelling, you're out of luck.

The nexus 6p has a lot going for it, even in 2017. The superb camera, great performace and awesome display with those front firing speakers! And of course, it's a nexus!! So you'll be the first to get the latest google goodies, especially software updates. If you want a premium flagship phone, that does the job and gives you a silky smooth experience almost all the time, definitely go fot it. You'll be surprised by the power of stock Android✌.

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