A modern day flip phone!?

Flip phones have long been a thing of the past. Every phone we see these days, are the same old candybar styled smartphones. Somebody wanted to change that.
Sharp is an iconic smartphone manufacturer, well known for its bezel-less Aquos crystal smartphone. They have yet again managed to pull out of the norm and have made a modern day flip phone, that runs on Android! So let's take a look at the Sharp Aquos mobile2 602SH.

This phone is a chunky price of tech that's about 1.7 cm thick but only weighs 132 gms. There's a power button on the right hand side and a microUSB port in the bottom, for charging and data syncing. 

If you flip open the phone, you are greeted with a 3.4 inch TFT touchscreen, at a surprising 343 ppi pixel density. For a TFT display, that's plenty of clarity. Below it, of course, is the classic number pad, with lots of buttons and shortcuts. On sides of the navigation keys, there are shortcuts for the browser, camera or TV streaming service, messaging. The quick dial buttons below the number pad also have long press shortcuts to settings, like toggle WiFi.
There's a 0.9 inch secondary display on the back, which shows the time and notifications. It's quite decent at 128x36 pixel resolution.
The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 210 quad core processor clocked at 1.1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. It even has the Adreno 304 GPU. So if you plan on playing some angry birds or candy crush 
on it, you're good to go!
Jokes aside, it runs in Android marshmallow, which is pretty respectable. There seems to be a skin on top, but it will probably help out with better integration of that keypad. As long as it doesn't bother anyone, it's okay to leave it on there. I'm pretty sure that the targeted consumers, won't even bother about the specs. Not one bit.

It accepts one nano sim and support VoLTE, which surprised me a bit. The included 1800 mAh battery is probably good enough for a days use out of that tiny, low-rez display and weak specs. So no issues there.

The rear camera is 8 mp for some quick and emergency snaps. That's about it. It doesn't even have an LED flash, so it's not meant to be there, but is stuck on anyway! Unless you absolutely have to, I wouldn't use this camera for them sunset selfies( There is no front facing selfie camera, so....).
Who is this made for? I'm not sure. But I guess if you're a collector of sorts, or someone who wanna stand out from the herd, this would make sense!?!? I came into this, because it's always fun for me to take a look at different smartphones and gadgets. Even if it's for shits and giggles, I bring them to you anyway.

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