A transparent HD TV!!

Panasonic has taken us one step closer to having a living room like Tony Stark. You know, with all the cool interactive holograms and transparent gadgets?! This is, I believe, the worlds first transparent HD TV!樂

It is completely like a sheet of glass in standby stage, but at the flick of a switch, a black background fills up the glass and it becomes a normal functional media center! You can stream live TV,  have it display your picture gallery or basically anything you want from the internet. The resolution is just 1080p as of now, not 4K. But the awesome animations and the fact that it's just a glass slab in standby, totally makes up for it. 
Left: Screen off | Right: On

They say their goal is to make technology, a part of our everyday routine and not just another separate object you keep in your living room. So you can install this tv as a glass frame in don't of your showcase. You can still see things through it when it's off!
I really dig the weather updates on this thing. It remains semi transparent while showing you the temperature, humidity and does those amazing rain and snow effects. There's also a voice assistant at your service.✌

Check this out!

It also supports air gestures, so you can wave your hand across the screen to scroll and navigate it's UI and close your fist to select an option, like a mouse click. Judging by what I saw till now, I must say it works pretty well. Good job, Panasonic!

Air gestures

It won't be available for the next year or two. So it literally is a tech of the future. In a market flooded with the same old stuff made of OLEDs and 4K LCDs, it's refreshing to see a company like Panasonic, putting efforts into making tech that's both effective and enjoyable.

They just say they've used 'special screen technology' to achieve a translucent display. My guess is that it is actually a lens and the LEDs are hiding in the top and bottom chin of the TV. Anyway, I'll let you know as I find out more.
1080p content

Panasonic are also working on an OLED 4K TV which will be showcased later in CES. But this vanishing TV is one of those things, that effortlessly blows my mind!!

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