Dope earphones from Oneplus!

Everyone wants quality headphones or earphones to go along with the modern hi-fi audio capable devices. But in a market filled with knock offs and 'fashion tech' ( you know, expensive but worthless?) We need solid equipments, without breaking the bank. I'm happy to say I've found the perfect earphones out there! These are called 'Icons' by Oneplus.

If we know anything about Oneplus, it's that they exist to prove that great tech need not be crazy expensive. Judging by the great quality of their smartphones, you'll know what to expect from these super premium earphones邏.
They have excellent construction. The wires are made out of braided copper clad aluminum, for awesome endurance. The drivers on these bad boys are larger 11 mm ones as compared to the standard 8-9 mm drivers found on other earphones. Oneplus says these make use of a unique design that boosts low frequencies and gives you richer bass. They say they've achieved it by following the three chambered blueprint of an Organ piano! This gives the Icons a significant advantage over others with the standard 2 chambered designs. These in ear headphones also have those common three button controls to control volume, play/pause songs or receive calls.

All that tech talk above with the organ piano chambers and what not, is frankly beyond my understanding. I don't know the significance of suck a design language but  hey, I do know this: These earphones sound PHENOMENAL! They're capable of giving strong contenders, like Sennheiser or Audio technica, a run for their money!! 

Oneplus had released a video on their YouTube channel a long time ago, where they did a blind test with some people about the quality of these things compared to others major brands.
Watch now!

Now for the best part!! You can get them at just $50!! (2,999 INR) from the Oneplus store. There are 2 color options: Gold and Graphite, just like with the Oneplus 3. For this price, you're getting an extremely well made pair of earphones with incredible sound quality that can challenge the big boys in the game.. that's Oneplus for you.

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