Turn your smartphone into an instant camera!!

Meet PRYNT, the attachable pocket printer that snaps onto your phone and prints the photos you take, instantly!
Tech savvy of us have already familiarised ourselves with these guys. If you're not one of them, read on below!.

It is basically a snap on accessory that plugs into your phone's data port and sticks on, like a battery case. From there, you launch their app and snap a photo or capture a short video. Hit 'print' and BAM! Fresh hot instant photo starts whirring out of the other side!!
It has its own battery, chargeable via a microUSB port. So no juice sucking business from your phone here. It doesn't even use any ink, which is insanely cool!
You know that else is cool? It plays video too! Yeah, you can capture a short video clip and print it out. Scan it with the app, and the recorded video starts playing on the printed photo!!  That's something what people need, a physical piece of memory that you can hold onto, or stick it on your photo album. You know, the real, book-ish album and not your phone's gallery.

Printed thumbnails act like tiny video player windows!

It has separate adapter frames for different phones. USB ones for Android and lighting port frames for, of course, the iPhones. It supports all major old school phones like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 3, note 4 and newer ones like the S6 variants, note 5. Also iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s (plus ones too) so far. The paper that they use has a heat sensitive chemical layer, so it changes color depending on the amount of gear applied onto it. This is why they say it doesn't need any ink.

These guys started off with Kickstarter crowd funding and they're running a successful business. You should totally give them visit. Here!! 

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