A-audio legacy: Dope noise cancelling headphones!

Award winner at CES!
Sometimes, it's the unheard companies that pack the biggest punch. A company called A-audio has caught my eye recently, with their awesome legacy premium noise cancelling headphones. They retail for around $300. What's so dope about these? Let me tell you.

First of all, the build quality of these is just supreme! They're so nicely made; the premium leather headband, the soft memory foam around the ear cups, the clickyness of the readjustment band, everything just screams quality! Even the hard leather carry case that you get, is pretty dope. It comes on two colors: liquid chrome and phantom black. This is another example of why you can't judge a book by it's ' unfamiliar name', especially in 2016!

Liquid chrome and Phantom black

The headphones have a special 3 way switch for jumping between modes. One is the regular audio mode, then there's the Active Noise Cancellation and finally my favorite, the Bass enhancement mode. The headphone isn't wireless and needs to be plugged via aux jack. But it requires 2 AAA batteries to power the noise cancellation and that bass boost. Regular audio works without batteries. 

The 3 way switch

The battery compartment is nearly sealed under the left ear cup. It's back is magnetically attached and can be easily snapped open to put the batteries in. Though the magnets are weak, the back plate of that ear cup didn't wobble or make resulting sounds on tapping it. Like I said, build quality isn't compromised anywhere!

Dual audio jacks!

It even has music sharing via its dual jacks. There are two auxiliary ports, one under each ear cup. You can plug this headphone onto your device with one port and a second pair of headphones can connect to this one, via the other port. So you can share the same audio with another one. I personally think it'll be a mess of wires, connecting another headphone to the cup of this one. But then again, your partner could use tiny earphones with it. Regardless, it's a nice add on for a couple of head bangers.

The whole package!

The 3 stages really do make a difference here. The Bass enhancement really pumps dat Bass!! The active noise cancellation works quite well too! Overall, it's a very solid purchase and I can easily recommend this to anyone. It's cups are foldable, if you want to carry them in your backpack compartment instead of that sexy case. A-audio have successfully turned up there heat for well known premium companies like Beats and JBL邏. Well played indeed!

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