DJI Mavic pro: The best drone ever!?

DJI Mavic pro

Drone lovers would've surely heard about a company called DJI. Famous for their phantom 4 drone, DJI made another drone called as Mavic, which caught some attention. It naturally had a successor, called the Mavic pro. I learned about it recently and I must say, it's pretty dope.

I didn't really dig their earlier drone's bulky design. The phantom 4 was way too big to comfortably carry around with you. This Mavic pro changes all that. It literally has no retractable parts. It's 4 propellers and support legs fold into it's body! Front two fold sideways and the rear two, fold downwards. You don't even have to take out the propellers like on the phantom 4, since they fold and stay together. The overall folded drone body is so small, it could almost fit into your pockets( with some effort). It's easily the most compact and yet powerful drone I've witnessed.

DJI Mavic pro drone
The compact drone: folded and unfolded!!

Even the controller has shrunk down a lot. There's a built in display to tell you the mode of operation and another holder for your smartphone, to act as a primary viewfinder. It appears to respond much faster to the joysticks, compared to the phantom 4.

DJI drone
New awesome controller

What I loved about the phantom 4 was the camera footage. In a world of raging drone photography craze, the DJI phantom 4 was easily, always among the top players. High bit rate 4K video with stellar stabilization, DJI was praised so much for it. The new kid doesn't disappoint either!

DJI Mavic drone
The whole package!

The Mavic pro has the same goodies that the phantom had, some even better! It has a new transmission system, which DJI calls as OcuSync™. This allows it to have transmission range of around 7 Km, which is just crazy! It has that awesome obstacle avoidance jazz built in to it, so it doesn't bump into a tree or something. It positions itself via GPS and glonass, so it always maintains stability in it's howering level. It's 4K camera is also fully stabilized and the end result is guaranteed to blow your mind, every single time!! It's just as good as the stunning videos you can get out of the phantom 4's camera.
DJI Mavic pro drone review

The only thing to note is that because it's so small, it might be more vulnerable to heavy wind. It's a powerful drone but it's better not sore it in the sky on a windy day.

It's a bit on the pricier side as expected. The DJI Mavic pro retails for about $1700 or 1,10,000 INR. This is made for that die hard drone lovers. The ones who want to produce stunning and mind blowing footage out of a flying camera in the sky!! If you're in for an amazing drone purchase, I highly recommend the Mavic pro. In my frank opinion, it's THE BEST drone out there right now!

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