GearEye: The Ultimate gear management system

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you carry around a lot of gear with you, in a large backpack? In case you're a photographer or a tech junkie who carries around a lot of gadgets, you know how frustrating it gets to make sure all your stuff is in there. Also, you know how irritated you get when something is misplaced or lost. Well, I think I found an amazing way or keeping track of all your belongings on the go! I give you, GearEye™.

Connected to all your gear!

It's a small device that you always put inside your bag. It keeps track of things with the help of special stickers called as RFID stickers( Radio Frequency Identifier)邏. They respond to radio frequencies and are passive, which means they don't have and don't need their own power source. 
You simply paste those stickers onto your things and give it a name on their app, that's it! GearEye will automatically start tracking them.

RFID stickers

Within the GearEye app, you'll be notified if something is missing and you can also locate it, in case you can't find it. Even if you aren't a gear head, you can find use for GearEye. Stick those stickers onto that TV remote which always seems to hide from you or maybe you wallet, if you tend to drop it a lot. Besides, these stickers are quite cheap and are pretty durable. So you won't end up spending more than the actual product, for these.

GearEye: Two types of remotes!

The GearEye remote comes in two forms: The standard semi-cylinder and another, a case for your phone! What's dope, is that it also charges your phone!! Everyone loves some extra juice for their devices, right?

In their app, you can also preset the things that you'll need for some event. So when you're done packing, the app will tell you if you've packed some unnecessary things and help you manage your backpack/luggage's volume. There are also special things like prioritizing some objects so the GearEye always looks for their presence first.
They're still in Kickstarter, so you can go ahead and back them up. They've probably achieved their pledge by now.. 

Check them out at their website: here

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