Huawei mate 9 Porsche design | Innovation just got expensive!

huawei porsche design
Porsche design!
Huawei came up with it's new offering for its Mate series the Mate 9. Catch my first impressions [over here]. Interestingly they also released another , more premium looking variant of the original mate 9, called the Mate 9 Porsche design. Yes, it has its own distinguishing factors than the regular Mate 9, but it's process of near 1400, might raise some questions and eyebrows! Why don't we find out what we're getting for such a sizable chunk of money.

The Mate 9 Porsche design has a smaller display than its sibling. It's a 5.5 inch display vs the 5.9, and it's AMOLED. The resolution is also bumped all the way up to 1440p. Yeah, it looks just as gorgeous as that on a Samsung phone, if not a tad bit less saturated. It's design is beautiful, employing the same manufacturing technique as the late Note 7( R.I.P). It has a curved display and a curved back too. Both meet at the corners, which gives it remarkable symmetry. It also makes the edges feel a lot thinner than they actually are. It virtually feels the frame is just 3 mm thick. Nice job with the Porsche design!

huawei mate 9

Oh, and there's a  cool looking 'PD' logo on the back, if it makes any difference to you.
The internals are the same. It's powered by the same monstrous Kirin 960 CPU and has the same 4000 mAh battery with their Supercharge™ technology. That's all great, but frankly, I'm not blown away by the design. Other than a slightly modified theme and some clever design tweaks, which I give them credit for, I really don't see a compelling factor for that price here.

huawei mate 9 porsche design specs

That's just my opinion anyways. If you're in for buying one of the most outrageously premium priced tech of 2016, this might be the unique luxury you're looking for. But honestly, just get the original Mate 9! It's 99% the same device, (excluding the screen and build technique) and far less expensive. Sorry Huawei! I love you guys, I really do!! But let's be real, it's just way too frickin' expensive.

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