The world's most compact projector!

uo smart projector

There have been many compact projectors before this one and none of them were worth the bother(Or atleast weren't dope enough). But I bumped into a projector called as the UO smart projector. I must say, it's pretty awesome.

small pocket projector

It's a small cube that can easily fit into your handbag or even your back pocket. It's made out of a uniform metallic body, with a rubberised base. It feels robust and doesn't seem to have any sort of coat cutting tricks or manufacturing compromises. It has speakers on all sides and an led projector beam up front. It can project up to 720p resolution, in windows ranging from 20" to a whopping 100"! The projected image is pretty bright, at 60 ANSI lumens.

uo projector speakers
Built in speakers!

It pairs to your phone wirelessly via WiFi and also supports a wired HDMI outlet. If you don't want to listen through the built in speakers, you can always connect it to an external audio device. The UO smart laser projector charges via a microUSB port, onto a standard wall charger. Yes, you can use your smartphone's fast charger to speed up the charging. It will be completely charged at around 2 hrs on the charger provided in the box. It also is supported on iOS, so you get adapters in the box for connecting to your phone. Yeah, you can connect the projector to your phone via the USB/ lightning port.

smart projectors in india
If wireless ain't your thing..

This projector uses LCoS( Liquid Crystal on Lens) technology and also supports auto focus, so you don't have to do it yourself everything you change the distance. This could be a very good choice for both your professional and casual needs. If your profession involves quite a bit of travel and presentations, this is perfect for you. It's super easy to carry around, either to sleepovers or classrooms. You can enjoy your content without any messy setup, which is usually the case with a normal projector.

UO smart projector price
Not the brightest, but bright enough!

The UO smart projector is on sale for about $419. Price variations are subjective to your market of course but nevertheless, if you're looking for a portable smartphone-theatre-like experience and don't want a big traditional projector, this is definitely your cup of tea.

Check out their website and find out more! Click here

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