VU: Premium smart TVs

There's a new notable contender in the premium 4K TV business. A company called VU has come up with a whole series of HD and UHD TVs and smart TVs at pretty decent prices. So what extra might they have to offer, as compared to the competition?

Wide color gamut by PixlightHDR™

This one is the VU 4K smart TV. The top of their lineup, with two variants: 65 and 75 inches. Both TVs house an LED panel with their native PixlightHDR™ technology. They promise richer colors over a wider gamut and also ultra dimming, for those deep blacks and smooth white tones.
The TV has its own game center, an app store, YouTube and Netflix to make use of.internet services.

Premium design language
To the smoothness of the UI I'm check, because of that massive pixel count, they use something they call "ultra smooth motion™ for motion estimation and compensation."
That's no joke, as we consistently get smooth frame rates throughout the interface.

Their TVs are plenty feature rich:

  • They have built in WiFi and support major screen casting standards like Google Chromecast.
  • They have an Ethernet port and allow direct 4K streaming, even through a USB port. By the way there are 3 of those USB ports on the TV.
  • They also feature Dolby surround sound,  with 15 watts audio per speaker.
  • There are 4 HDMI ports, for those who can't get enough of that multimedia interface邏!

They say the 65 and 75 inch TVs are limited editions and have 3 years of warranty. They cost around $2300 or 1,53,000 INR. Seems steep, I know. But you're getting the absolute premium experience without compromises, with of course, great viewing experience. If you're tired of hearing Samsung and LG's expensive names everywhere, this might be worth a shot, without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality.

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