Aero-X hoverbike

Aero x hoverbike
A hoverbike?!
This is a working model of a hovering transportation vehicle. It's a bike that flies, with gigantic propellers! It's called the Aero-X, from a company called Aerofex. Here's why you I think it's dope.

aero x hoverbike
Two propellers
The bike has two giant propellers, on the front and back. It has a seat where you sit on a posture like any other regular bike. Once you start this thing, you're hovering! There's are several tests done on it and I have to say, I'm impressed. I didn't expect such smooth take-off and landing on a show piece, like the one they have right now. The pilot seemed to have excellent control over the hoverbike and could easily make turns mid air, just by tilting it, as you'd a regular two wheeler.


It functions like any other bike while you're in air. You can control it's speed and tilt it to control it's direction. With it's advanced self balancing, you won't need to worry about toppling off of it. They say they're ready for commercial production and we can expect them in the market at first quarter of 2017.

aero bike
Seems pretty stable..

The present estimate of the Aero-X is about $85,000. Pretty expensive, for now. But hey, judging by how well they've made it so far, I can definitely see a future for these things. Flying vehicles have always been man's vision of  transportation of the future. With inventions like these, that "future" isn't very far away邏.

You should definitely check them out. Click here to visit their place.

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