Apple airpods! Worth it??

apple airpods

There's finally been some movement with Apple and their delayed airpods. It seems you'll be blessed with them somewhere in January 2017. You might've considered buying one of them. But have you done your research? I have, and let me help you out a little.

Weirdly well made!

As you know by now, Apple airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that connect to your Apple devices, via an ingenious hardware, known as the W1 chip. What's awesome about it is that, as soon as you open the compartment of the pods, they turn on and your nearby apple device will instantly pick it up. Once you've connected on one device, you can easily connect them to every other Apple devices you have, with a single click. Pretty nifty, right?!

airpods price and avilability
Open the cap to connect!

The carry case or the compartment of these pods is a pretty handy tool. They charge whilst they're in the case and a 15 min charge can set you off to about 2 to 3 hrs, which is awesome. If you keep them in it longer, you'll even pull out around a full day of usage.

apple airpods launch date

The pods are quite funky to looks at, but are very well though out, I must say. When you pull out one of them from your ear, the audio playing automatically pauses. Both pods have proximity sensors built in, so they can tell if you're wearing each individual one. There's also a touch sensitive back, so you can tap on them to act as a call receive/end button and double tap them to launch Siri. It works quite well and Apple has done it again with attention to minor details.

apple airpods details
True that!
There are a few annoyances here though. Since there's no wire connecting the individual pods, if one of them falls out, it's pretty inconvenient to look for it on the floor. Also, the audio quality, even though it's good, it's nothing far superior than your standard earpods. I've heard better sounding wireless earbuds than these. So even though they're pretty neat, do they justify the $159 price tag? Nope, absolutely not! I wouldn't recommended these over other similar pairs of wireless headphones and earphones. 

If you want the convenient connection methods of the W1 chip in a compact package, sure these might be your deal. But be warned, they are super easy to lose and replacement is also pretty expensive, at around $68 per pod. I highly suggest you wait until something reasonable vibes around, or buy something like the affordable SoundPro Bluedio or the premium Jaybird X2 earphones. They're great for the price .

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