Boat Stone 600: An awesome bluetooth speaker

boat stone 600 speaker

A company called boAt is making all the noise these days with their rugged cables and new trendy headphones. Now they've come up with what seems to be, the best bluetooth speaker out there right now. They call it the Stone 600 and I think it's awesome.

The speaker is very well made. The sides have a unique grippy texture to them, which gives a secure 
feel, wherever you place it. There is a cap that covers all the ports on the right side. The reason for that flap to exist is that this speaker is dustproof and IPx6 rated waterproof too. What's more, even if you did somehow manage to drop this grippy guy, it's shock proof. So no need to worry about any internal components getting damaged by ordinary, accidental slips and bumps.

boat stone 600 ports
Water and Dust proof

The cap on the right covers the 3.5 mm audio port, the microUSB charging port and an on/off switch. Once fully charged, boAt claims that these speakers give you up to 8 hrs of continuous usage. But judging by the speaker's large audio drivers, I'd say you'll probably have less. You'll still easily get around 6 hrs of playback though. Oh, and they sound great!

boat stone 600 parts
The guts!

These are one of the better speakers that you'll hear out there. They produce punchy and powerful sound with rich bass and depth. The audio output doesn't seem to crunch even at higher volumes, which is pleasant to see. They seamlessly connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to your phone and also have a built in microphone. So you can take calls too, extra loud. Sure, they're not gonna break any records for loudness, but in this price range, there really aren't a lot of great speakers that can beat the Stone 600.

boat stone 600 sound quality
Excellent bass

That's about it! If you want a great sounding bluetooth speaker with stellar battery life and which can take a few hits and splashes, you found it. For the price of 2300 INR or just $35 , you really can't go wrong by purchasing the boAt stone 600.

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