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radio garden
I recently came across something pretty dope. It's not some hardware startup tech, just a website. What's so dope about a website? It can stream world wide radio channels, directly from your phone. 
Doesn't matter what your location is. It's called Radio garden and I think you should check it out.

Radio garden website demands a standard internet connection, just like any other normal website. You need not have any dedicated FM antennas on your device. Once it finishes loading, you get a 3D render of the globe with tiny green dots all over it. These are the active radio stations at the moment. 

radio garden
pleasantly simple
All you need to do is align the '+' sign in the middle of the screen, with one of the dots you want to access, that's it. Your phone is now a radio that's tuned to that specific frequency!
That's pretty dope if you ask me, especially for those of us who like some radio streaming sessions every now and then, apart from podcasts and YouTube. 

radio garden site
My dad really loves this website, as you can access radio stations around the globe from your phone. You don't need to provide any antenna, like earphones. ( You need to use earphones with the Radio app on your phone because, the earphones act as the antennas.) Here you can play it from the loudspeaker, like the old days.

radio garden
Also listen to recordings, translated!
It's a great website and euros really well, even with a mediocre internet connection, like mine . The signal reception is great, without the usual 'radio crackling' distortions. Even if you aren't a radio streamer, try it out once. Let me know what you think at my Twitter. 

Visit radio garden

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