Meizu Pro 6: The iPhone has a twin!

meizu pro 6
Twin or Clone?!

If Apple made an Android phone, it would be like the Meizu pro 6. All previous meizu phones 
showed strong Apple inspired design, but this year's Pro 6 takes the cake. This phone has 3D touch as well! Yup, this phone has the same pressure sensitive display as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Is this phone any good? Here are my thoughts:

Design wise, we see the iPhone 7 in a 5.2-inch screen body. The antenna hands, the port cutouts, everything is same as Apple's latest phone. It's 158 gm on weight and is identical on thickness too: 7.3 mm. On the rear there's the camera with a unique ring flash. It has 10 amber and white colored LEDs. Not sure why would anyone need 10 LEDs, but the results aren't anything impressive. The brightness and colors produced by these LEDs are same as any other regular dual LED systems.

The display is a 1080p AMOLED panel at 424 ppi. Pretty sharp and bright, though not the brightest I've seen. Colors are great and there are the usual display modes that change the color presets to your liking.

meizu pro 6

Below that display there's a fingerprint sensor, which also acts as a multifunction button. There are no other keys than the central home button on the phone. If you press down on it, the home function is triggered. Tap on it once to go back a screen and swipe from the bottom of the screen for recent apps switcher. This bottom swipe method isn't very well refined at the moment, so you can't multitask seamlessly as you'd do on other phones with a dedicated button. The swipe gesture should be smooth and gradual. If you swipe up fast, nothing will happen.

Powering this hybrid iPhone, is mediatek's X25 decacore processor,  clocked at 2.5 GHz along with 4 GB RAM. There's the quad core Mali T880 GPU for graphics. The phone runs plenty smooth for everyday tasks. The FlyMe UI running on top of a android marshmallow manages the RAM well. Bu the way, there's 64 GB of expandable storage onboard. It's a good phone for moderate usage, although there are a few occasional stutters and minor lags to be seen.

meizu pro 6
Seriously, why the 10 LED ring?

The pressure sensitive display supports the same features as an iPhone does. They call it 3D Press! You can press down on the apps to get a menu if shortcut options, like a selfie option on the camera app or call last number option on the dialer. But Google hasn't officially recognized this phone's unique display to the android realm. So as a result, the 3D touch works only on the meizu system apps, as of now. The fingerprint sensor on the other hand, is blazing fast. Probably the only phone that gets somewhat close to sensor on the amazing OnePlus 3/3T.

meizu pro 6
The same 3D touch!

The 21 mp rear camera isn't the best out there. It struggles with exposure sometimes, even in well lit situations and other times it has no issues. It's really a hit or miss kind of a deal. The 5 mp selfie snapper was also a bit disappointing to me. The quality was nowhere near other front sensors of same resolution, like the GS7 or the iPhone 6s/6s plus that they're trying to copy. The camera isn't very strong here and meizu people have a lot to work on.

The phone packs a measly 2560 mAh battery. This may not sound so sweet to heavy users like me, but surprisingly, the phone could easily last a day.l of moderate usage. There's quick charge support through the USB type C port, so no major concerns there. I really wish meizu could throw in a bigger unit, atleast something around 3000s. Oh well, it is what it is.

meizu pro 6

Final verdict: Is this phone dope? At the moment, No. But it might be! Because it's not the first android phone to ship with the pressure sensitive display. Last year, there was the Huawei mate 8 (128 GB variant) with the same force touch panel, but it didn't do too well. This phone caught my eye because of their dedication to copy everything the same way as Apple does. Maybe when Google makes their apps support the 3D touch in the future, maybe this phone will be a compelling choice. But as of now, it has more gimmicks than useful features. If you're all about flashy gadgets, then go for it邏! You can get it for about $450. But if you're looking for a serious daily driver, there are much better phones for your money.

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