Skeye nano 2: Smallest drone with a camera!

I've seen several types of drones in my time. From professional DJIs to amateur Disney quad copters. But here's something that caught my eye, not only because of it's size, but also because it has a camera on that tiny body. This is the Skeye nano 2 FPV(First Person View) drone, by TRNDlabs

This drone or should I say, mini quad copter, has a body of just 4 cm lengthwise and 2 cm height wise. It's pretty much like a large bee, buzzing around in your garden. The 4 small propellers do make quite a whirring sound for a tiny form factor. It has a camera up front, which can record up to 480p.

The take off is quite jumpy, and so is the altitude controls. The drone sways up and down for even the lowest sensitivity setting. Left to right movements are ok through. The controller has a dedicated shutter button, to snap a picture or record a video via the drone's camera. The video footage is surprisingly very stable for such a rough glider.

controller and the drone

The sensitivity controls are on the left joystick. Press down on it to vary the sensitivity between 3 levels, although the lowest one is already very jumpy. There is a built in function to perform a flip mid air, on the right joystick. Press down once and just move to the direction of choice and the drone does a perfect flip to that side. Even through it's light as a feather, the flips are stable for the most part. It can also connect to your phone via WiFi and tour phone acts as a viewfinder for the camera feed. You can fly it without the controller, just using your phone too! All you need is their app on your Android or iOS device and you're ready to fly! There is a button on he controller in the mid section, which automatically lands the drone. That's very cool, considering this guy can easily be tossed around by a string wind!

The whole package

It charges via a microUSB cable and you'll get around 8-10 min of flight on a single charge of that tiny battery. Sure, this isn't gonna win any innovation awards this year, but if you're interested in flying cameras or you're someone who has little to no experience in drone footage, this one might be the right thing to get you going. Besides, it's just under $100, so you don't have to rip your wallet apart for a casual quad copter experience.

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