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Printers have been arguably, the least refined piece of tech out there. They have very slow update cycles and are barely worth any notice. People don't care about finding out a new level of awesomeness, in printing stuff. But a certain company called artefact group has taken the right approach and have made a brilliantly simple printer. It's called SWYP printer. It stands for 'See What You Print' and it literally does just that!

touch screen printer
pretty neat
For several years, we used the same old ink guzzling printers for pretty much everything. The company claims to make optimal use of every necessity, without compromising a seamless experience. The printer has a flap that you open up front. It reveals the path for the paper to slide out. 

swyp by artefeact group
The touchscreen interface comes online after that. It connects to your smartphone for fetching photos or it can even pull them out from your social media account邏. Once you touch and select the photo you want to print, you get a print preview. You can crop or rotate the photo, add multiple photos into the page in your preferred orientation and even throw in some filters and stuff. There's a stand at the back, to hold the printer at an elevation. Everything is super simple and straightforward for anyone to use.

new technology
Easy to replace papers
You can check the ink levels and the paper quality being used too. The interface is very refined and is promised to be improved further by the company. When your page is set, all you have to do is, slide it down to start printing!

new inventions
That animation though!
It makes this cool animation where the image slides down from the screen, while being printed and sliding out from the bottom, at the same alignment . Looks pretty dope to me. We saw the save aviation with the Prynt, the instant smartphone printer: Click here to check it out .

swyp printer
As simple as that!
The ink cartridges and the paper is super easy to replace. Just lift up the display to the left and place your papers in the compartment. The ink cartridges are further downwards. They say 'simplicity is brilliance' and they've certainly achieved it.

swyp printer by artefactgroup
Ink levels
Check out their articles and several other amazing projects at their website

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