The dot smartwatch

dot smartwatch
Braille surfaced watch!
Visually impaired people cannot really live a full life like us, in a social perspective. They can't use social media or send and receive text messages easily, using a regular device. But what if a company made a braille version of a regular gadget, say a smartwatch. That's exactly what you're reading here! This is Dot, the world's first braille based smartwatch.

dot smart watch
looks pretty neat
Designed by a Korean startup company Dot, the smartwatch works like any other regular one would. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and sends notifications, messages, directions to the watch surface. The surface has tiny auto adjustable nodes that rise up and form the characters. The user can pick up the data by running a finger across it's surface. They can form up to 4 characters per second. 

dot smartwatch price
premium build quality

Obviously, I don't know how well you can pick it up. But the target audience has a more precise and sensitive touch than ours. Judging by their reaction when they first saw this, I'd have to say it's brilliant. They can describe the content on it's surface just as easily as you'd read off a regular display, so I'm guessing it works well. Now, everyone can enjoy being connected to pretty much everything. 

The whole package!
They can now read texts, get directions from Google maps and find out who's calling them.
The company says the watch is open sourced and is viable for development. Anyone can design apps that can make even better use of this unique piece of equipment. With the inclusion of a voice assistant to it, the possibilities are endless. There seems to be several models and variants. This is the one that I saw.

Dot will supposedly last a whole week on a single charge. That's easy to accept, as it has no lighting elements that heavily demand battery. The Dot will be available for $300. They say it should be available by late 2016, which means now. They're probably delayed, but nevertheless, you can still pre-order one from their website. Check them out!

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