Bone conduction: Future of noise cancellation?

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Noise cancellation has always been an important feature to look for, in a headphone. The isolation of music from surrounding noise, makes a lot of impact on the quality of the audio. But you can never get enough convenience while wearing those headphones around your ear as you'll be deaf to some sounds you should hear, like you know, your mom yelling at you?!

Bone conduction is the prefect solution for that. It's the same technique used in hearing aids.
The technique uses your inner ear bones and vibrates them to make the sound reach your ear drum. The great advantage with this is that your ears will always be open. The best part audio is completely inaudible to others near you. So no annoying sound bleed with these!

Bone conduction headsets
Credit: thinkoholic

This can revolutionize music industry as even the ones impaired of hearing, can hear through these! Bone conduction uses your skull bones to conduct sound so it doesn't matter if your tympanum is affected. 

A bone conductive headphone has two vibrational heads for earbuds, that rest at the portion of your head behind your ears, or on either ends of your forehead. It's a weird tingling sensation but is quite comfortable to have for long periods of time. The vibrations carried through the bone take some getting used to, but were assured that it's safe. Which is good!

Google glass is an old famous futuristic device that employed bone conduction. Audio feedback from the those glasses were directly passed onto your skull bones. There are several headphones out there that are based off of bone conduction. Check them out if you're interested:

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