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Next Gen selfies!

Hover camera Passport is exactly what it sounds like. It's a passport-like drone with a camera and is used for taking selfies and record videos. Why is it dope then? Because it has some cool tricks up it's 'propellers' that might make it worthwhile. Let's check it out.

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Release and fly!
The hover camera has a 13 mp sensor on the front. It's propellers are closed within a mesh like housing and hence are protected. You won't chip of your eyelashes with those blades or have them damaged, if you fly it into a wall. The drone's wing frames are foldable, so it's pretty easy to carry it about you, like a passport. What's cool is the way it starts to fly. You basically open up the side frames and let go, it'll start hovering. That's pretty cool right, no more take off zones. Just leave it mid air, it'll fly in it's own!

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Easy adjustments!

You can even adjust its height by simply grabbing it and readjusting it yourself. Just drag the drone to wherever you like, and it'll stay there. It even has body tracking, so it'll follow you throughout your walk. You can really get creative with this thing, especially if you're a vlogger.
Controlling this drone is also very simple. It connects to your phone via WiFi and with their app, you'll be flying this thing out of the box! Now let's talk about that camera.

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Fold it and go!

The camera unit is a 13 mp sensor, as mentioned before, with dual LED flash. It can take stills and can even record 4K videos, which surprised me. The drone can completely spin 360° on it's axis and can also revolve around you autonomously. The lens used here is quite wide angled and you'll get some great looking shots out of it. That lightweight carbon fiber body, weighing just 240 gms and that grab-and-go kind of a design, are a bonus.

It's not all butterflies and rainbows though. The battery life is pretty poor on this thing. You'll only get around 10 to 15 min of flight from a full charge. That's pretty measly if you ask me. It should've at least had an hour, for all that awesome stuff it's packing. And keeping this poor airtime in mind, that $599 price tag hits hard.

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Big boy's toy

So, who is this product for? Well you know, for those selfie nuts among you, who just love to look at themselves rather than the surroundings all day? Just kidding. It's a fun little thing to have if you are a frequent traveler and don't take a lot of photos, just one epic shot. Sure it's expensive for most of us, but if you're willing to fire up that creative vlogger in you, this just might be the exact fuel you need. If you're interested, visit their website and find out more: Click here

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