LG signature OLED TV W | A 2 mm thin TV!?

lg signature 4k oled tv W
Ultra thin innovation!
CES has been awesome this year. A lot of cool stuff we're showcased, for us to drool over. One of those savoury tech was the LG's new signature 4k TV. It's called the W series or the 'wallpaper' series and for a good reason. The TV is just 2.57 mm thick! That is the slimmest TV I've ever seen. It's literally just an OLED sheet, with a separate dope sound bar. Here's everything you need to know about it.

lg 4k oled tv ces
The new TV is amazing. It's 4K and beautiful OLED, so that means no backlight required. The blacks are extra dark and super contrasty. The TV can produce over 1 billion types of colors, which is insane! There is also support for a wider gamut and of course, a boost in dynamic range. You get about 25% increase in brightness, over other OLED 4K panels out there, claims LG. The panel also comes with Dolby Vision™. It produces infinite contrast and supports full 4K HDR video playback too. There are 2 variants in screen real estate. A 65 inch and a 77 inch version. Smaller one will be available by March and the latter will be coming to markets at second quarter of 2017.

lg slim tv 4k
That's what it looks like!
The installation is super simple. The TV flexes like a sheet of plastic, which is totally futuristic. The TV is mount onto the wall with a steel strip and magnetic points. Once set up, there's literally no separation between the wall and the TV, it totally blends in. As LG describes, "its like a window on your wall, to another world!". It's called as picture on wall™ display. Those punchy colors really do give out a real world, life like illusion though. Since the TV is so thin, all it's brains had to be moved to the sound bar, that comes along with it. It's pretty cool on its own.

lg 4k oled tv 2017
The awesome sound bar

The sound bar supports 4.2 channel, 60 Hz Dolby Atmos™ audio. It has a huge heap of ports, including 4x HDMI, 3x USB 3.0 and Ethernet too. There's a slim ribbon cable that runs up to the TV. It's quite slim and can be easily concealed behind a wall. That's pretty much the only connection that you have to take care of. So you don't need a master's degree in cable management to set this up, nice and neatī¤“. Another cool little trick is that there are flaps that cover the speakers, when you switch off the TV. They slide away and the speaker units raise up, when you turn the TV back on again. It's a cool little automation that anyone would appreciate. 

lg oled tv
I mean, Dayum!
The TV is likely to be priced around $7500 to $8000. What can I say, premium order tag for an ultra premium TV. The price tag may or may not seem friendly, depending on your side of the story. But there's no denying that this guy is, hands down, the best TV it there right now.

lg 4k signature oled tv 2017 CES
TV of the future!
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