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lg pj9 floating speaker

Okay, I confess. This isn't the latest stuff that's out there. In fact, it was already there at CES and slipped my thought to cover it. But hey, here it is! Better late than never, right!?
Right now you're probably thinking, what sets this one apart from other levitating beauties out there. Frankly, nothing much! But it is made by LG and not some underdog Chinese manufacturer, so you can be all but certain that it will have 'dope' genes in it. In fact, I've already listed 5 of such speakers before. You can check it out if you like. Now let's get on with this one here.

LG calls this the PJ9 Bluetooth speaker. It has a stylish base and a pretty uniquely crafted top mount, which of course, levitates on magnets. The top part is more of a tweeter that emits out higher pitch audio and the base handles the bass, like a woofer. The sound quality is gonna pretty awesome, although they didn't showcase it there. But the build quality here is just terrific. The entire speaker set feels heavy and premium. It's pretty much solid, although LG 'strongly advises' not to topple it over, when it is levitating. The levitation itself is pretty awesome on it's own!

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Unlike other levitating speakers, you don't have to try and adjust this on top of it's base, and make yourself feel like a nuclear scientist. You just keep the top speaker on the properly indicated area on the base and it just floats, gradually and gracefully. Charging of the top speaker takes place wirelessly, so there's no reason to take it off at all. When the charge is low after the expected 8 hrs of battery backup, the speaker descends down and charges via the base. When it is sufficiently charged, rises back up to it's levitating glory again! That's going to be super convenient for the user, well done LG.

The speaker is rated IP67 water and dust resistant, so it can take quite a few splashes by your poolside, it around the shower. The point is, LG wants you to carry the top mount around with you, as it has it's own battery and can act as any other regular 360 speaker. There are buttons on the speaker itself, so you don't necessarily need your phone, with the speaker's app to control it when it's not floating in your living room.

Pricing isn't clear yet on the PJ9 speaker as of now. This is more of a gimmick than a serious audiophile preference but hey, you already knew that before you came here. This speaker is made for those who like to have a little bit of a head turner in that living room, among other regular things. Get one for yourself when it hits the market, if you're looking for some alien tech, to make yourself look a bit more cooler.

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