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Soccer ball lookin charger!?

Smartphones have come a long way since the dawn of their age. We've seen small to insanely powerful ones, with great battery standby times. The only thing that hasn't seen a lot of innovation, is the charging department.

Sure, the speeds are getting faster and faster with every new "quick charge" standard out there and there's also some degree of wireless charging available. But it's not truly wireless, is it?!
The pod is still connected to the outlet via a 'wire' and you phone must be within 6 mm of the charging pod.

So, even though there is technically no wire between your phone and the wall adapter, it's still bounded and needs to be placed down. The Motherbox™ team hopes to fix all that.

A marvellous concept is by Josh Yank, who has been working on the Motherbox for the past 3 years, and have finally found a presentable iteration of our dream product.

I came across this name at the good old indiegogo community, where they've already crossed their estimated goal of 25k USD. And I'm sure you'll agree with me, on the fact that it looks super dope!

The Motherbox is presumably capable of producing wide range electromagnetic fields, so you can actually carry your phone around several feet away from it and still be constantly charging, at the same time!

It has an app to go along with it, which surprisingly connects to the Motherbox via Bluetooth. The Motherbox glows blue to indicate that. When you bring your phone within that range,  the light strips turn green to indicate that your device is charging.

The product demo video shows a case that you put on your phone and it will be capable of long distance wireless charging. I mean, they showcased this on an iPhone, and we know that none of the existing iPhones are capable of wireless charging. So there's a reciever within the case.

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Installation of the charging reciever is also super simple. Just connect the USB/lightning connector to your phone's port and close the case around it. BAM! Your phone now has wireless charging capabilities.

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It solves a crap load of problems. No more fiddling with wires, like, at all! All you need is this cool Tron themed Rock and you're ready to Roll! You can chill on your sofa with your phone, whilst it's juicing up from the same time.

This addresses an age old term for being stuck to the charger all the time. It was called as wall hugging by Samsung back in the day. So if Motherbox becomes a household reality soon, there won't be a need for wall hugging, even on low battery!

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Plenty decent support
There are only a handful of phones which are compatible with the receiver, as of now. But I'm sure, minor brands will be covered later on, as the convenience is felt and Motherbox starts to become more common out there.

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They've already crossed their goal and will start production soon. I can't wait to try and get my hands on one, or at least get to see it somewhere. How awesome it would be to really charge your phone over 5 feet away from your charger, without wires!

You should totally check out their product video, I'm sure it'll blow your fuse!
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