A OnePlus killer?!

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LeEco made quite a remarkable name for itself, with the self driving cars and Le supertainment. Their smartphones aren't bad either, which they proved with the Le 1s, Le 2 and Le 2 pro.

However, they haven't been all that successful in flagship category. After the disappointing Le max 2, many people turned away from them, myself included.

But now they're making some noise in the highly competitive sub $400 category. And these are my thoughts on the Le pro 3.
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The good...
What's good:
The display is a bright 5.5 inch 1080p IPS LCD panel at 401 ppi. The display produces balanced and vivid colors, at great viewing angles.

The phone has an excellent fit and finish, as we've seen from their previous phones. The frame and the back are made out of aluminium, which gives a very solid feel in the hand. The buttons are also metal, so they'll be capable of taking heavy abuse, and will still function fine.

The performance is great, with the quad core 2.1GHz Snapdragon 820 and 4 GB RAM. Even though there's a successor to this CPU, it's still a very capable piece of silicon. This phone can take pretty much anything you throw at it, without a hiccup.
Gaming should also be a breeze, thanks to the powerful Adreno 530 GPU.

Battery life will be mixed bag for many. For some reason, there have been some consistency issues with the standby. You may not get the same battery life every single time, which is weird. But nevertheless, the phone is quite capable of getting you through a 'day and half' of moderate use, out of that 4000 mAh cell.

There's also quick charge support via the USB type C port, so no worries with regards to charging.

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...and the bad
What's not good:
The camera is a 16 mp sensor, but still struggles to keep up with varying light conditions. This is quite evident in video, as you're device is usually moving around. The camera finds it difficult to set a proper level of exposure, as you move from a bright area to a dim one, or vice versa.

*Selfies on the other hand, are nice. The 8 mp front camera delivers some excellent shots under well lit conditions. You won't find much room to complain on selfies, it can get the job done with ease.*

The user interface is the weirdest one I've used in a while. LeEco seems to be confused with the UI, as everything seems out of place.

The quick settings aren't on the notification shade. They're placed on the recent apps menu! There's no app drawer, which is fine, but widgets and shortcuts seem a bit off.

Personally, I advise you swap this launcher with Google launcher or Nova launcher. But nothing can be done about the weird recent apps.

All these may be totally fine for most people, and there's nothing wrong about that. It's a great phone with an amazing display, great performance and very good battery life. All that for the price of just $300 can't be a mistake.

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Another flagship killer!
So, has this phone killed the Oneplus 3T? Sadly, no it hasn't. It's definitely a very capable device, but the Oneplus 3T is just better.

It has a faster fingerprint sensor, better UI, slightly better camera and better specs. But then again, it 
costs more than the Le pro 3.

I would gladly recommend this phone to any common user who wants a powerful and great looking device, and don't care about the UI.

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