World's lightest phone | Elari Nanophone C

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Smallest and lightest phone!
So, the world has seen another anti-smartphone product. This feature phone is not just the world's smallest, but is also the lightest GSM phone out there.

It's called the Nanophone C, made by a Russian company called Elari. It weighs just about 30 gms and is 3.7 inches tall!

The phone isn't smart by any means and focusses mainly on the essentials. It has a sound recorder and an FM radio on it.

You can do old school things like texting and calling ( remember back when people actually used to call each other? Good times..).
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The Nanophone has a TFT display under 1 inch. It takes a micro sim as well as a microSD card upto 32 gigabytes! That's awesome, considering the phones like the iPhone 7 can't pull that one off!
If you don't want to put a sim card in the little guy, you can pair it to any Android or iOS smartphone and receive calls from that.

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Look how tiny it is!
It's not a cheap plastic phone at all. It has a pretty solid feeling aluminium casing around it. The buttons are plenty tactile too, which is what you'll be clicking on all day on a feature phone.

Now, who would want a basic feature phone in an era of incredible smartphone innovation at 2017?! Geeks and grandpa's obviously!

Any person who would want his/her 'smart'phone to just be a phone for a change, will love the Nanophone C. The ultra compact design, battery when you need it, and if course reliability.
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A sleek dumb-phone
You sure won't be cracking the screen on this thing by accidental drops. That's a plus which no other smartphone (except the Moto X force) can pull off.

You can grab an Elari Nanophone C for yourself at about $49. It's available over at Go check it out!

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Hey look! A headphone jack!
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