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JBL replacements?!

I've been using a lot of in ear headphones throughout my time. After my excellent JBL T110A was toast on one ear side, I had to look for a replacement.

This time, I didn't want to only focus on the audio output, but also on the build quality of the earphones themselves. I was done with these cables breaking off and going deaf at one ear all the time. So I found these, the bassheads 225 from a company called boAt.

Like most people, I'm all about dat bass! So I wanted to make sure that these headphones were as good as my earlier JBLs. So are they better?

Well, yes and no. They are certainly more rugged and durable. The flat cable is both thicker and more sturdy than the JBL' s flimsy round cables. These can take quite a lot of abuse, and still work just fine.
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Very rugged pair

The standard 11 mm drivers on these buds certainly have some manner of bass boost to them. They sound almost equal to any other pair of earphones in this price range.

Sure, my JBLs were slightly superior in matters of pure bass. But these aren't slouches either. Provided you have a good DAC on your phone/device, you just need to use a decent equalizer with these, and you can 'hear' wonders.
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Tough cables with microphone

They also have an inline one button microphone, to receive calls. The microphone is quite decent and the audio on the other end is quite acceptable in quality.

There doesn't seem to be any noise cancellation on board, as I can pretty much hear the surrounding sounds. That never bothered me at all, as I like to be in touch with the surrounding world, a little bit! If you want serious noise cancelling buds, you should probably skip these bassheads.
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Replacement tips

I did run into a small issue with the right ear tip size. There are multiple sized ear buds included within the package. But I found that the ones installed were a size too small, and the immediate next ones were a bit too big, at least for my ears.

As a result, these weren't a perfect fit in my ear all the time. They slip out of my ears quite easily. Especially when I'm travelling, I find myself picking them up to tuck them back into my ears, more times than usual. So I swapped my old ear buds from the JBLs onto these, and now I'm good.

These have been under my careless, abusive ownership for almost 4 months now. I'm happy to say that they're still perfectly intact and fully functional. That was my original intention and so should be yours, if you're gonna buy these.

These earphones are geared more to people who want a long lasting pair with good sound quality, than a flimsy, delicate pair with great sound quality. And at the price of just 699 INR, you certainly won't be disappointed with the boAt bassheads 225.

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