[Smartphones] | DON'T buy the new Galaxy Note 8!

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Not worth the current price tag!
You read it! I advise you against buying the shiny new galaxy note 8. I have a couple of facts to justify my stand on this, read along and see if you agree with me.

First off, let me be clear. I am NOT a fan boy of anything. I am being completely unbiased as always. So I don't have another company influencing me to hate the Note 8.

Okay, so the latest note retails for a hefty price. That is to be expected with every new premium Samsung flagship. But there's a problem this time. The galaxy S8!

The S8 and S8+ launched earlier this year are still among the best of flagships out there. Particularly the larger one. Granted you don't get the S-pen and the new dual camera system present on the Note, but it really isn't all that exciting.

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Choose wisely!
Let me explain.

The S-pen is probably the most revolutionary thing that emerged in the mobile industry since early 2013. It was incredible, and still is very cool to have.

But it isn't all that justifiable at the present price tag of over $930. Other than a few neat little tricks like screen wrote and off-screen memos, ( all of which can be achieved by simple third part apps..) there really isn't a circumstance where I can see an average consumer pulling out the pen in a public transport to scroll stuff.

S pen is a tool, which gives a finer point of contact on the touch screen. It is prominent when it comes to drawing, or maybe photo editing and such. But how often do you really run photoshop on your smartphone? Probably not a lot.
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Not really a daily companion!

So the S-pen is awesome at times, but not one of those must have accessories that make a world of difference in usability.

Coming to the second prominent change, the dual cameras. Samsung did manage to incorporate OIS on both sensors, which is great! That makes the Note 8 to be the first device in the market to employ it. But do we really need a separate sensor just to zoom in a little bit?

It's the same question that I asked with the iPhone 7 plus cameras. Why would you take that route? There are much more incredibly innovative ways to use a secondary sensor. Look at Huawei with their monochrome tricks or even the excellent LG (G5/V20/G6/V30) with the wide angle fish-eye lens. Much more practical.

We all need some extra field of view more often than we might need lossless zoom! So I'm not so sure if the zooming and the portrait mode of the Note 8 are worth paying attention to.
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For the average consumer, the S8+ gets the job done!

On that context, the S8+ still has an incredibly capable camera. It is more or less the same sensor. It has a more rounded and manageable form factor compared to the square and comparatively unwieldy Note 8 design.

And the S8+ is available at around $750 in most parts of the globe. So when you don't really need a stylus and a second camera for show, why fork the extra clams? Just get the S8+ and you'll be more than happy.

Again, to remind you all, I have nothing against those of you who think the Note 8 is awesome. We 
all have opinions, and these are mine.

What do you think? Do you agree or do you beg to differ? Leave me a comment. Let's chat!


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