[News]| iOS 11 control center | Doesn't really give you contol!

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Not so straightforward
iOS 11, Apple's hot new update for iPhones and iPads! It brings a bevy of new features to the table, most notable among which is the new control center.

A lot of us love the new design, with added customization of tiles and a grid like layout for easy navigation, it has won several Apple fans over. But there seems to be a deceptive fact about it.

Switching off Bluetooth or WiFi from your control center doesn't really switch them off!
It seems that the iOS 11 control center doesn't turn off the wireless radios as you toggle them when required. It simply disconnects present connections, but keeps the antenna active and searching for other networks.

No wonder battery standby times have gone down!

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Look what Apple has to say about it

If you want WiFi to be really switched off as you are visually made to believe, you need to do that yourself by heading over to the respective settings page.

I think it defeats the entire purpose of having a shortcuts panel on your OS. What's the point of a control center which doesn't really give you any control?

I am not sure what Apple engineers were thinking. Maybe they wanted the phone to still be visible got AirDrop and CarPlay, despite you disconnecting from a home network.

But it still doesn't justify the amount of situations where a user clicks on the WiFi toggle to simply switch it off before going to bed.

So yeah! Just wanted you Apple users out there to be aware of this. You'll have to disable WiFi and Bluetooth individually by sparing a split second more in the settings app yourself. Kind of dumb if you ask me!

I will keep you posted on the same. Until then, make it a habit to disable WiFi from the settings page, instead of the Un-control center.

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